Belly Dance by Parri

Parri's philosophy states, “Creativity flourishes with continuous learning.”

Parri is a spirited dancer and choreographer in the art of belly dance; she has been involved in Middle Eastern Dance for 16 years.  Her love for the arts has encouraged her to study many dance forms such as Egyptian (Raqs Sharqi / Oriental dance), American Cabaret, Tribal, African, Flamenco, and Persian dance; which she has studied in the U. S. and Iran.  Parri also has studied doumbec, tambourine, and zagat with Mary Ellen Donald.

Parri is the producer of Scimitar Peace “Double Sword Pleasures” an instructional DVD; where she teaches the art of belly dancing with props.  Other DVDs featuring Parri are “California Dreams”, “Los Angeles Welcomes Aida Nour & Magdy El Leisy” and “Friday Night Dallas Dazzle” presented by Little Egypt.

Recognition:  Parri was honored when she was chosen to be a featured dancer in the book, Belly Dance - A Photographic Journey by Martha Luna Burns; view at .

Her love for the arts is reflected in her academic achievements. Parri holds a degree in Political Science focusing in International relations, a Commercial Art degree; a license in Cosmetology and in Real Estate.

For 4 years Parri choreographed and directed troupe Raks Assaya, formerly known as Troupe Taban. These talented dancers were an Afro-belly dance troupe who had teamed with the West African band "Kekuja".  

As a professional dancer Parri has captivated audiences nationally with her many styles of dance, which are as authentic, unique and creative as she; her performances have also been enjoyed in restaurants in Northern and Southern California.  Locally, Parri has danced in many of Silicon Valley’s corporations, for non-profit organizations, in schools from K-12, and universities.

Parri has held the positions of co-director for "Aabelli Dance Ensemble"; and co-producer for "Apeer Productions", which produced, sponsored, and coordinated Middle Eastern dance events; and owned and managed “Aparri Belly Dance" - an entertainment agency.

Parri is a MECDA member, and has served on the board of MECDA, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter for two years.  During her first year in office Parri was treasurer, and in her second term she was vice-president.

At the present, Parri continues her studies with master dancers from the Middle East, Europe, South America, Canada, and America whenever possible.  She has taken classes, master classes and/or workshops with:

Rhanda Kamel
Nagwa Fouad
Lucy of Eqypt
Madgy El-Leisy

Aida Nour
Raqia Hassan
Mahmoud Reda
Yousry Sharif
Amir Thaleb
Dr. Mo Geddawi
Atef Farag
Momo Kadous
Farida Fahmy
Faten Salama
Nadia Hamdi
Leila Haddad
Nourhan Sharif
Phaedra of New York
Sahra Saeeda
Shareen el Safy

Aisha Ali
Suzanne Del Vecchio
Dalia Carella
Alexandria King
Rhea of Greece
Angelika Nemeth
Laurel Victoria Gray
Sadie & Kaya
Morweena Assafs
Zaina Hart