Belly Dance by Parri

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Double Sword Pleasures-Instructional DVD with Parri

Reviewed by Mezdulene:

"Being the first dancer to produce a double sword video before Parri even started belly dancing, I looked forward to reviewing her new DVD. I'm happy to say she does a great job with this DVD. She starts her DVD with a troupe sword performance to live music filmed at Rakkasah, and she ends it with a nice solo performance. I actually remember seeing this dance live and found it impressive that they did such a good job of staying in sync with live music. She also includes a hard copy of a chapter directory inside the cover of her DVD. After the opening performance, she goes on to introduce various types of props and different types of swords. Then she talks about sword balancing aids such as wax and head adornments.

Parri does a great job of breaking things down in detail, sword placement , balancing, showing the sword balanced parallel and crossed which is my preferred method of dancing. Parri then moves on to teach various steps. She shows many steps including turns with double swords. I liked that she also included a lot of floor work moves something I miss doing with my swords now that my joints don't work as well.

We have a couple of differing opinions when it comes to doing double sword, but overall, Parri does an excellent job. Her DVD is filmed well, and she demonstrates with a voice-over so the instructions are very clear. She doesn't use music to teach, but when I teach sword, I usually tun the music off because there is so much verbal instruction needed, and I want to be heard clearly.

Parri's intent with the DVD was to create instruction for dancers already familiar with sword dancing. However, I would recommend this DVD for anyone interested in dancing with swords. I would suggest that a dancer just learning sword should use just one sword until they are skilled enough to progress to two.

I definitely give this DVD two thumbs up for anyone who wants to learn how to dance with a sword."
~ Jareeda Magazine